Oxygen for Notepads

Why don’t we understand that we are ultimately our own destruction? We should be helping mother nature preserve life and nurture every living creature we come into contact with on this planet. Instead, we produce factory farms that mutilate and slaughter animals in brutal, unforgiving ways, when we no longer have to do these things to survive. We have huge factories that produce so much smoke and pollution into our air that we soon won’t be able to breathe. We cut down trees to produce houses, I mean we cut down MILLIONS of trees to produce paper so you can write down your grocery list. We are literally trading oxygen for notepads.

We think we are advancing as a species because of all of our scientific discoveries, but instead of searching for a cure for cancer, we create apps to play on our cell phones. We really are intelligent. Though you wouldn’t think so if you really thought about the logic of it all. We think we have a higher intellect than animals because we can create skyscrapers and big cities, but really who is the fool here? We have taken everything from this planet and given nothing back but destruction.

I know writing this down isn’t going to change the way we do things. But it is the truth. All of these horrible things that we CHOOSE to do are facts of the human race. When our time is over, and the next species takes our place, they will look back on history and ask why we did the things we did. Why, when we were so capable of helping our planet, did we do the exact opposite and let ourselves fall into chaos? We are consumed by vanity, greed, and ignorance. It won’t be until it is too late that everyone will realize what we have done and that there is no going back.

If we keep destroying our planet, polluting our Earth and snuffing out it’s creatures the way we do, it won’t matter how much you make at your shitty job. It won’t matter how much our bills are, or how high tuition costs are. Your selfies won’t matter.  Money won’t matter. And when all that is good in this world like fresh air, water and food are gone, WE won’t matter either.


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