From Crayons to Chaos

Adulthood, how would you describe it? The Titanic. So the boat is the adult (us), and the ocean is our social lives, our expectations,  our memories, every mistake we have ever made, our enemies, our obligations and responsibilities, our bills, our job, university, laundry, a flat tire, what have you. Everyone has there own unique way to drown.

Isn’t it crazy what we let consume us on a day to day basis? Every day our lives are pulling us under, and somehow we thrive anyway. When we were 9 years old, all we wanted to do was grow up and gain our independence. To do anything, to go anywhere, to be anything! That feeling only grew as we got older, then we hit about 20, and well, shit. It’s not how you pictured it is it? When we were young we watched adults pretend to have their lives together. We didn’t think about the other 95% of the time, when all of the responsibility of life rests on their shoulders, and they are just trying not to cry. We wanted to stay out late, go to parties, do whatever we want with no rules. But that has consequences.

Chaos is what it is. Complete, and utter chaos. Don’t you miss when your biggest life decision was “hmm what should I do today? Color, or watch cartoons?”. Or how about when your biggest responsibility was to do your homework and keep your room clean? Sure we have things to help us along the way now, like wine and binge watching Netflix shows. But I bet everyone would sometimes like to go back, just for one day and have no responsibilities. It’s not all bad though. Most of us have friends and family, and we all lift each other up when we can.

We all know the struggle that is life. I cannot imagine what it is like for those people who have no help, no one to complain to, and no one to run to when things get too real.  I am extremely grateful for waking up every day, but there are days when I wish I could just press pause, or re-live some old memories to cheer myself up. All I’m saying is that Peter Pan was ultimately right. Maybe we can find some pixie dust somewhere.


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