Keep Calm and Cast On

Once again, I shall ramble on about the magical, joyous pastime of knitting.
I have more yarn than I do probably anything else in my apartment, except for clothes, maybe..

I first learned to knit from my maternal grandmother, and I must say it was very hard at first. I wanted to give up, I even through my needles across the room the first few times I tried to knit a scarf. My first project, a red scarf, I didn’t even finish. Mostly, because I got bored with the design. I gave up knitting for probably a year and a half, before I wandered into a fabric store, and came across some beautiful looms and needles. I decided to try again.

This time, I focused on projects that caught my eye. My cousin was having a new baby in a few months, so I thought it would be nice to have a homemade baby hat and booties for her baby shower. Lo and behold, I found some great YouTube tutorial links and stitched my way into the wonderland that was knitting.

Before long, all I could think about was rushing to the yarn store to get every color of the rainbow, finding new patterns, new needles, bigger looms, square looms, round looms, different hooks, etc. I would be at work, and on YouTube or Google or Pinterest looking for new ideas. I have a Facebook album dedicated to my knitting projects, and it probably annoys the shit out of all my friends.

It was so rare for me to find a hobby that I didn’t give up after a few weeks of trying. I have been knitting for a year or so now, and I don’t see myself giving up on it. Ever. The boyfriend and I watch horror movies, or South Park episodes, and I will knit throughout the entire time, just because it is such a good pastime. I even have people messaging me privately to knit them things.

Guys, it is honestly so fulfilling, it is hard not to brag.

Check it out –



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